Our Future: Young People Speak Up about Mental Health

This report presents key findings from our mental health work with almost 500 young people.
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The increasing numbers of young people experiencing mental health issues is a local and national concern and a priority area for Healthwatch South Tees and Healthwatch England. Despite this, the most recent data related to mental health and young people is five years old; In 2015, mental health disorders in children and young people aged 5-16 were recorded as being present in 10.7% of Middlesbrough’s population and 10.4% of Redcar and Cleveland’s population. With a national average of 9.2% more children and young people within the South Tees area are experiencing mental health problems than in other parts of the country.

We recognised lots of local activity around young people and mental health, but a lack of information collected directly with young people themselves. Consequently, we made the decision to engage with young people to find out their views. We wanted to explore what local young people identified as factors that have a negative impact on their mental health, as well as preventative solutions.

This report presents key findings about what young people consider to be the primary causes of poor mental health, as well as their suggestions on how it can be improved. 

Some causal factors highlighted were:

  • Stress and pressure
  • School
  • Bullying
  • Social media
  • Family

The report also presents what was considered to be most important according to each age group between 14 and 25 years. 

At the time of publishing this report, MVDA in partnership with RCVDA held responsiblity for delivering Healthwatch across South Tees.  Since 1 April 2020 Pioneering Care Partnership has assumed this responsiblity and the contact details referred to within this report have not changed.  If you like to contact us regarding this report, please use the details below.


You can also read a response from one of our Partnership Board Members, Mel Metcalf.

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Our Future: Young People Speak Up about Mental Health
Response from Mel Metcalf

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