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Your spotlight on local services


Making health and social care information accessible

We have received feedback from different communities regarding their experiences of access and communication needs with health and social care services e.g. forms and appointment letters not being in an appropriate format. NHS England are developing an 'Information Standard' which is a set of rules which organisations must follow. This will be in the form of a guidebook that will tell organisations how they should make sure that patients and service users can understand the information they are given.

A draft standard has been developed through consultation with the public and NHS England want to know what people think before it is final.

We are consulting with local communities about the draft standard to ensure it meets their needs. We would really like to hear from you if you have had an issue with accessible information when visiting a health or social care service.

Read the consultation document and tell Healthwatch what you think.

Get in touch via facebook, email: healthwatchredcarcleveland@pcp.uk.net or telephone: 01642 688312.

Read the response submitted by Healthwatch Redcar and Cleveland to NHS England.