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Your spotlight on local services

Developing mental health services for veterans in England


The NHS England engagement on mental health services for veterans is now live and the survey and supporting information can be accessed at:


 The deadline for responses is 5pm on 31 March 2016 and we are particularly keen to hear from the following groups:

 Veterans who have or have had a mental health condition

  • People who know veterans who they believe have or have had a mental health condition

  • Service charities / support groups

  • Mental health professionals involved in veterans’ mental health care

  • CCGs.

 The survey includes sets of tailored questions for each of the above audiences, however, NHS England welcomes views from anyone who has an interest in veterans’ mental health and people can choose which section they wish to complete.

 All responses to the engagement will be reviewed and analysed to help inform a report that will be made available on the NHS England website and shared with interested groups.  This will help to inform decisions on commissioning arrangements for future veterans’ mental health services.